How to live spending very but very little money

Living costs money. No matter how much effort is put into saving, it is impossible to spend the month without spending money . You can cut back on many things, but there are minimal costs that can not be adjusted, or at least not without drastically reducing the quality of life (food, education of children or medicines are some examples) . But … can you live by spending little money?

The problem for most people is that they usually spend a lot more money than they should , and that is a serious mistake. It is not the first time that we defend an austere lifestyle closely related to minimalism. The happiness that comes from buying a new phone or a new car is fleeting. It disappears in a short time and that is why you have to learn to fight the impulse of purchase .


If you really want to be happy you have to learn to live by spending little money. To achieve this we propose that you put into practice the following ten tips:

  1. Be mindful that spending money will not give you happiness . The first step to not spend money is to be very clear that, contrary to what they try to make us believe, money and happiness are not so closely related. You can be happy spending very little money.
  2. Review all the things you have : clothes, technological products, food, furniture … Are you sure you need new things? Try emptying your closet completely and putting everything back inside. We ask you again, are you sure you need new things?
  3. Buy yourself a notebook and keep a cent to cent control of your expenses . Write them all, even if it's only twenty cents. You can also use some expense management app like Spendee or Fintonic.
  4. Pay it all in cash . Hide your debit and credit cards and make all your payments with coins and bills. If possible, use small bills, maximum of 20 euros.
  5. Each time you have to buy something that costs more than 20 euros, postpone the decision for two days . If after 48 hours you still think you need to buy it, do it.
  6. Sell ​​your car From now on, your trips will be walking, cycling, public transportation or through a collaborative economy transport like BlaBlaCar.
  7. Buy second-hand things and trade . Avoid paying with money. Instead, offer something you no longer need in exchange for that product you would like to have.
  8. If you have no choice but to buy something new, buy online (Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress …) and try to take advantage of the days of discounts or special discounts.
  9. Try to do things yourself , do not pay for them. Thanks to YouTube it has never been so easy to learn to do repairs, sloppy at home or small fixes.
  10. Learn to enjoy the free plans of your city . Forget about restaurants, cinemas or theaters. Instead, enjoy the free activities that are available in all cities, especially in summer.

If you put these ten tips into practice, you will be able to live by spending a lot less money than you spend today. As we explained to you at the beginning of the article, money and happiness do not have to be paired . You can be very happy spending very little money.


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What is the International Monetary Fund or IMF

News about the International Monetary Fund (IMF) usually monopolize the headlines of the main media of the planet. For what reason? What exactly is this organism and why is it so important? Today at Vivus we will try to answer these and other questions.

The International Monetary Fund was born in July 1944 at an international conference held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire (United States) in which 44 governments participated. Against the backdrop of the Great Depression of the 1930s, the IMF’s initial objective was to improve the functioning of the world economy .


What is the objective of the International Monetary Fund?

At present, this institution is made up of 184 countries , almost the entire world, and has its headquarters in Washington. According to its Constitutive Agreement, its main activity is focused on macroeconomic policy and the financial sector . These are its purposes :

  • Encourage the expansion and growth of world trade.
  • Contribute to the stability of exchange rates.
  • Avoid competitive currency devaluations.
  • Correct in an orderly manner the balance of payments problems of a country.

And to achieve this, their actions focus on the following points:

  • Monitoring of the evolution and development of economic and financial policy measures (do you remember the “men in black” who visited our country?).
  • Advises member countries politically.
  • Give loans to members who need it.
  • Technical assistance to governments and central banks.

Who is at the head of the IMF?

The highest authority of the IMF is the Board of Governors , in which all member countries are represented. Normally, it meets once a year. The representative of each country is usually the Minister of Finance or the governor of the central bank of the country.

By delegation of the Board of Governors, the daily management work of the International Monetary Fund corresponds to the Executive Board and the personnel hired. These report to the Managing Director and the three Managing Deputy Managers.

At present, the current Managing Director of the IMF is Christine Lagarde . This French economist and politician was born in Paris in 1956 and is the first woman to lead this organization. His mandate began on July 5, 2011 and in recent years has been involved in some scandals.

IMF support programs

The International Monetary Fund’s support programs became very popular after the economic crisis of 2008. When a country is experiencing serious financial problems or believes it is about to enter recession, it can go to the Fund to request financing.

The objective of these is that the country can return to a solid economic position. In return, the IMF establishes a series of economic adjustment measures that the country is obliged to comply with. For example, reduction of public spending in a certain amount, containment of the deficit …

All about online payday loans –

Online Payday?

In this article, we are going to talk about the new online credit entities. They offer different products such as new payday loans online .

It seems that for a few years the loan and credit sector has grown exponentially. There are new and interesting ways of credit

As a result, consumers are offered new credit outlets that adapt to certain circumstances.

Especially in credit products, it is necessary to know about the characteristics that they entail.

For this in this article, we are going to mention what online Payday Loans are and what advantages and disadvantages they bring with them.

Payday Loans Online

Payday Loans Online

For starters, online payday loans are a type of short-term loan in which a lender will extend a loan.

Keep in mind, that they are of high interest based on the profile of income and credit of the borrower. Its online nature comes from the fact that online credit entities tend to offer this product.

Therefore, all procedures are carried out online, quickly and with the minimum inconvenience of paperwork or processes that involve the acquisition of other types of credit products.

The main idea of the loans is related to the fact that customers who request it will be able to face the payment with the next salary.

So many times they are requested before collecting the next salary.

Characteristics of Online Payday Loans

First of all, Online Payday Loans are loans and as such you have to be careful. That is why no decision has to be faced without prior study of its characteristics.

Therefore, payday loans can be a useful tool to borrow a small amount of money for a short period of time.

Also, when used correctly and with good intentions, you can have a positive experience.

Also, many consumers misuse and misinterpret payday loans. It is important as a potential client that you know the advantages and disadvantages of these types of loans.

Advantages of Online Payday Loans

  • Comfortable and Fast When dealing with requests in online mode, the acquisition procedures can be done in a matter of minutes. The income of the money is immediate.
  • Facilities Probably, these types of loans are much easier to obtain than others. Luckily, the documentation is undemanding even without a healthy credit history.
  • Good option It is an ideal product to request small quantities in short return periods. And it is a great solution because this loan will cover you until your next salary

Advantages of Online Payday Loans

  • Expensive product Generally, Online Payday Loans are expensive. The interest can range between 300 and 900 percent. But due to the large associated costs, it is difficult to leave them, and get to pay them on their due date.
  • Solution or Problem? Perhaps, the very characteristics of payday loans cause a vicious circle to be created. Various products are used to pay the previous ones, generating a growing debt.

Finally, the objective of the loans is to be an effective solution to solve specific liquidity problems.

In conclusion, consumers are those who have full responsibility in its use. They must make sure they are a healthy tool for their financial economy.


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Minicreditos: the best way to obtain them – Immediate loans

Mini-credits: the best way to get them

 There are many people who ask the question of how to finance a new car, this to change what they have, so one of the best options that are available without any doubt is the mini-credits because they offer you the solution you are looking for. , but not only for this they serve, but also to finance projects or cover emergencies.

Undoubtedly there are moments in life when you need liquidity to be able to cope with the expenses you have, so online mini-credits are one of the best options available since they are loans that are really fast and do not They need more paperwork.

Therefore, you can get money in a faster and best of all without complications that are regularly on other occasions, a clear example of them is that you can choose to receive up to 300 euros only by completing the form found on the website of the bank, but for some customers it can be up to 900 euros.

Because online loans are good

To finance any type of project requires the necessary liquidity, but in many cases people do not have the opportunity to do so, so one of the best ways to finance a car is to apply for loans online, because due to the crisis that there are, the economic recovery has been quite complicated, that is why getting a normal loan in any bank is a bit difficult.

Adding to the above there are people who do not have a fixed employment contract or an endorsement to support them, which is even more complicated, so online loans do not require so much to apply.

Mini-credits are the ideal solution for emergencies

Undoubtedly mini-credits are one of the best options at the time of having emergency situations, such as having a breakdown at home, working on a project of work with which you can recover the money you have borrowed, but also for situations such as taking a vacation or covering a small unforeseen event, but do not worry that with the mini-credits of the banks you can have the cash in just a couple of hours.

To the question of how to obtain a quick personal loan, the question is quite simple, since you only have to provide the documentation as your ID and also fill out the form that is on the web platform, after having received the application, one of the agents will contact you in a call that can take about 10 minutes, which will only serve to verify that your data is correct, in some cases it is necessary to provide some additional documentation.


Considerations when financing a car

How to finance a car will now be possible with mini-credits or also called personal loans, which have a lot of advantages that customers can take advantage of very well at any time.

Among the main advantages that people can have at the time of obtaining one of the personal mini-credits, it is found, for example, that all paperwork will be a thing of the past since no more information is required. We also work with financial statements for the last 12 months, so if you have not had problems with delinquent listings your credit should not be rejected.

We also work with updated information in real time, that is, it will allow us to obtain a photograph of the client of his credit history and studies that can last up to 3 or 4 weeks are not required.

Last but not least, the amount of time you have to amortize the amount that has been requested is 30 days, but the bank knows very well that there may be problems, therefore, it offers an extension of return, the which can go from 7,14 or even up to 30 days to return it, for this you have a term extension calculator so you have it in mind.

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Should I not be afraid to ask for a loan?

Like all decisions related to personal economics, asking for a credit must also be thought through to understand if it really is necessary to do it or not.

Feeling a sense of uncertainty in front of the idea of ​​acquiring the responsibility of responding to a loan is natural, bearing in mind that you can not simply give up paying for it. There is a certain terror with regard to asking for a loan, either because it is ‘framed’ by those who request it, the interests are high or sometimes, it does not solve the need that was thought to be satisfied by asking for it.

Of course, it is not a simple decision but it does not imply that this is something to which we should shun. So, should I or should I not be afraid to ask for a loan? The answer is no.

Asking for a loan has – as everything in life – its pros and cons, it is logical, and precisely knowing that, it does not present itself in a dangerous way. Three points we consider essential to lose the fear of asking for a loan.

The most important thing is to first thoroughly analyze the situation to determine if it is necessary to ask for a loan. If you can really improve that economic condition without having to acquire a future debt, then of course, you should not ask for a loan.

If you really need to ask for it, then you have to be certain that later you will be able to meet the economic obligations that demand to pay for it.

Finally, it is not just about paying and paying, but also about how you plan to do it. An acquired credit may not be the only economic responsibility you have, so before asking for it, consider how you could pay it taking into account installments, time, interest and so on.

We understand that asking for a loan should not be a decision that is taken lightly, but neither should it unleash that fear that is generated if the three small points previously mentioned are taken into consideration.

Does Zaplo allow you to borrow fast with Asnef


There are many people who, due to some delay or non-payment in their credit history , include their data in lists of defaulters such as ASNEF . In these cases, doubts arise about whether we can obtain quick loans with ASNEF, that is, being registered in its database as delinquent .

Being included in lists of defaulters, usually influences in a negative way when going to request a loan from a bank or credit institution . What happens in the case of Zaplo? Can you apply for quick loans with ASNEF ?

Requirements to apply for a quick loan in Zaplo

In Zaplo we establish as mandatory requirements to request a loan with us the following:

  • Be a resident in Spain
  • Have an age between 25 and 70 years
  • Have an account number in a bank
  • Have a mobile phone line and an email account
  • Present a valid and current ID, NIE or passport
  • Demonstrate sufficient economic capacity to return the requested amount within the required timeframe

As you can see the financial solvency is crucial at the time of applying for a loan in Zaplo and be registered in ASNEF or any other list of defaulters does not help the financial solvency and real economic capacity that the applicant has to return the amount requested.

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The importance of responsibility

There are situations and times when we need to have liquidity to make a reform at home or face an unexpected expense. For this there are fast personal loans, but we must bear in mind that this type of financing is much more lax in terms of documentation than traditional banks but not in terms of defaults or delinquency , hence, that if you are in ASNEF or in another file of defaulters it is not possible to request a loan in Zaplo.

Therefore, from Zaplo we ask our clients responsibility so that before requesting a personal credit they are sure that they will be able to return it without problems .


What do I do if I am reported and need a loan?

In Colombia the difficulties to access money are many, and banks do not make it easier, especially if you have in your head ‘I am reported’

Being reported to a credit bureau like CIFIN or Datacrédito implies being restricted from being able to access a wide variety of financial services, as there is a record that identifies the person as debtor and with this, many doors are closed.

What can I do if I am reported and need a loan?

There are a couple of options that can be used: payday loans or pledge credits.

Payroll credits are those credits in which the person who is owing authorizes his employer to make a deduction from the base of his salary to pay the entity to which he is owed, with the purpose of leaving little by little. Of the debt.

Pledged loans on the other hand, is one that allows access to money in exchange for giving a guarantee (pledge) represented in a property.

Either can help to get out of the credit bureaus, as long as the payments of both are met responsibly.

It is essential that before asking for a new loan, think ‘I am reported’ , and be aware that this is a help precisely to stop being. After that, investigate new alternatives that do not suppose you to be ‘with the noose around your neck’ in this way, avoid falling back into appearing at risk centers.

One way to do it, for example, is by accessing smaller credits that are better suited to your needs with companies that facilitate payments. Be informed and make sure that whenever you ask for a loan, it is because you really need it.

Private companies dedicated to grant loans

That within private capital there are different private companies dedicated to grant loans is something that we should all know.

Not all the companies that are dedicated to offer financing offer these loans in the market being something to take into account.

In private financing we can see in the same way that happens in banks, loans very different from each other.

In the same way that there are particular loans destined to be processed with endorsement we also see others that can be obtained without need of these.

Positive for people who may need financing at a given time because without this they would find that they could only process a few loans.

And if you think about it, the particular credits are the financing alternative to the banks.

It is these financial companies that ultimately allow their clients to access loans where, by bank, they always obtain the no by response.

What particular loans do these financiers offer?

As we just said in there is everything, both loans without collateral and the other way.

But the credits with endorsement are characteristic of this financing.

It is these private and private capital financiers that ultimately end up focusing on secured loans given the best requirements and conditions.

Something that on the other hand is to be expected since the financiers that offer these loans have always been looking to reduce the risk of operations.

Because in the same way that the financial ones make it easier to sign your credits you also have to say the risk of default is higher.

It is greater than the one suffered by banking entities, which have really low delinquency rates.

It also influences the fact that within the private finances there are companies such as those that make money micro loans.

It is these entities that end up signing small loans at a national level, being easy money that increase the rate of defaults.

It must be borne in mind that microcredits are usually easy loans that are practically available to anyone.

The fact that these companies offer these credits in the end what it generates is that many people, given the ease with which they are obtained, do not return it.

It can occur in any of the many aspects of the business.

This delinquency rate ultimately affects the entire sector, thus making the default rate on private loans higher than the average.

If we only took into account the loans with endorsement, we would see how this rate does not exceed 15%.

Yes, they would still be higher than those seen in banking entities but there would not be much difference compared to what there is now.

Also the fact that these people can access loans instantly also favors all this.

So talking about a single credit is at least unrealistic.

As we have seen, you can access both the loans without collateral and the loans with endorsement through the private financial institutions.

It is your decision whether you choose one option or another.

Refinancing debts and Grouping loans

8 Things You Could Break Your Budget

At Prêts Québec, we like budgets and believe they are essential to financial success. With the power to free you from debt and achieve your financial goals, we can never recommend enough to everyone to make a personalized budget and respect it every month (as much as possible).

But, do you know what we like too? Live to the maximum and be “in the present moment” as much as possible. Saving is important and necessary, but you also need to enjoy life and all the experiences that it has to offer. You can not just watch life go by because you have to save money. This is unrealistic and ridiculous. Sometimes (we say “sometimes”), it’s worth breaking your budget and letting go. Just remember, if you want to go every day or even once a week, you should review your priorities. Breaking your budget is acceptable once in a while, as long as you have enough willpower to return to your usual spending routine right after. Plus, the reason you break your budget is important too. If you get out of your budget, it would be better if it were for something that will add value to your life and benefit you in the future. Experiences that will provide lifetime memories or quality items that will improve your day-to-day life. Life is too short not to take advantage of the opportunities it has to offer you.

Here are 8 things that we think are worth breaking your budget from time to time.


Everyone needs a little break from reality sometimes. No matter where you work, where you live, and what happens in your life, everyone needs a little time to relax and feel good about their mental health. 40h weeks are long, stressful and tiring, and there is no reason why you do not deserve to take a vacation. This will promote your mental health as well as your emotional and physical state. The holidays give you time to rest, refuel with vitamin D, get some exercise and get rid of all the negative stress at home. If you are thinking of taking a vacation and have been saving for a long time, do not be afraid to go there. You will feel only positive.

A live show

Whether it’s your favorite artist, your favorite band or your city’s sports team that won the final, spending money to see a live performance is often a unique experience. These types of events, although they often cost a lot of money, create memories that you will always keep.

A quality clothing item

When we are beautiful, we feel so good. That being said, it can be more expensive to buy high quality items that fit your body in a certain way. For example, Lululemon leggings cost around $ 100, which is extremely expensive for a pair of black leggings. However, they are not your simple pair of leggings; Lululemon uses premium materials that embrace your body and show your curves. In my opinion, they are worth every penny spent because no other pair of leggings will make you look as good, which will make you feel good about yourself. Similarly, if you work in a large law firm, investing in a suit is definitely worth breaking your budget. You will wear it every day and get what you pay for. You will look good, and most importantly, you will be well in your skin.

Spend quality time with the people you love

You should definitely consider breaking your budget to spend quality time with your loved ones and share unforgettable moments with them. For example, if your friends come from outside the city, there is no point in putting good memories aside for money. If your group of friends goes out for supper, drink wine or even go see a movie, you should be able to join them and enjoy the experience. Why stay home and save while your friends are having fun? Just keep it very easy to go out and find excuses for spending too much money too often. Going to the bar with the same people you see each week is not a reason to break your budget.

Essential technology

If you are a student using the computers provided by the school, it can be frustrating to always have to work in one place. Sometimes schools even have limits and computers can not be used for certain hours. If this is your case, investing in a laptop could greatly improve your school life. We believe that a laptop can be considered as an essential element depending on your lifestyle. If you’re trying to keep up with a strict budget and a laptop, tablet, cell phone and smart watch are not essential for you, then make sure you consider the type of life you’re living before break your budget for technology.

Fitness activities

If you have always wanted to play sports or go to the gym, you find that it is a good idea to spend for it. Even if it forces you out of your monthly budget, training will improve your health, your happiness and your state of mind. It’s not only good for your body and your heart, but also for your emotional and mental health. There is evidence that exercise reduces stress and improves performance. This is money well spent because you get what you pay for.

In addition, your health should always be a priority, but there are many ways to train. If you feel like you’re over budgeting for too many reasons, you can forget this suggestion.


If your home is a bit old-fashioned and in need of renovations, you might consider breaking your budget. There is no doubt that the cost of renovations can be high initially, but it will be worth it in the long run. Renovations will increase the value of your home and you can sell it at a higher price. As well, renovations can improve your lifestyle while you live in your home.

For example, if you cut down the wall of your kitchen, you will have more room to do what you like in it, whether it’s organizing more dinners or cooking. So, even though it may seem a little awkward and expensive, it will automatically improve the value of your home and your quality of life.


Spending money on your education is never a waste of money. Investing in your future and your intelligence is something that will pay you back. If you have always wanted to go back to school to do a master’s program, no matter what your age, you should consider doing so.

Learn to expand your horizons and priceless. The things you decide to invest in depends on what you prioritize in life. It must improve your quality of life. Be aware that when making the decision to break your budget, you must be prepared to spend the rest of the month carefully. It’s okay to review your budget from time to time, but that should not become a habit.

Investment funds: what they are, how their taxation is managed


Investment funds are an instrument to save or capitalize the capital already saved that brings together several people who delegate their money in a team of professionals (managers) with knowledge of the various markets: stocks, fixed income, monetary assets, derivatives.

The taxation of investment funds

Investment funds, in Spain, basically traded by banks, are subject to the payment of taxes like any other savings instrument. At times when the profitability of public debt or bank deposits is very close to zero, it is time to know how much we are going to pay if we hire an investment fund.

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Keep in mind that you only have to pay taxes when you sell the investment fund . That is, the holder of a fund that retains this during, for example, 20 years, will have no obligation to the Tax Agency until the sale occurs. This is your main advantage.

Despite this premise, it must be borne in mind that the sale of the fund does not always have to be paid . In fact, you only have to pay taxes if you have obtained benefits . These benefits are called: capital gains , in the jargon of the financial sector.

What are the capital gains?

In this sense, the capital gains are calculated by subtracting the value of the refund (the money that we enter) the subscription value, the money that we invest when buying or investing in the fund. If we have had capital gains, we will pay. If, on the other hand, we suffer handicaps (we invest 100 and we have only recovered 90, for example), we have the consolation that the state will not take even one euro more.

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If we have purchased shares of a specific fund, but on different dates, the FIFO criterion will be applied (from English, First in, first out: First in, first out). That is, the first shares sold are those that were acquired first, regardless of the purchase price of the various acquisitions.

It must be borne in mind that all the fees charged for managing it (subscription, reimbursement, management, custody …) count as a deductible expense and must be subtracted from the capital invested.

How many taxes are paid according to the capital gains of investment funds?

The taxation of this financial instrument has undergone several changes in recent years. The reform in force, in force since January 2015, marks that the capital gains in investment funds are added to the tax base of savings . These are the sections and marginal rates established by the State for 2016 and, unless further modified, the following exercises:

  • Whoever wins up to a maximum of 6,000 euros , will pay 19% of their benefits . Example: if you have won (subtracting the subscription value from the refund value) 5,000 euros will pay 950.
  • Whoever wins from 6,000 euros to 50,000 euros , will pay 21% of their profits.
  • Whoever earns more than 50,000 euros , will pay 23% of their benefits .
  • Current legislation lowers goodwill compared to the previous one and ends with the difference between short-term (less than one year) and long-term capital gains .

Do you think that having investment funds will tax you or can it generate a tax advantage? Tell us your impression!