What companies offer refinancing of loans?

Could you tell me what companies are offering the refinancing of loans in Spain?

Because it is something that many are not aware of also because of the type of service this is.

It must be said that refinancing is a type of loan that is often confused with other more usual credits such as the grouping of loans .

And although they have some similarities, especially in the way they are processed, reality is that there are many differences between them.

It could be said that the refinancing of loans is in the hands of private equity companies as well as financial intermediaries.

It all depends on how you want to take the operation because the usual is that these operations can be carried by private equity or through a bank.

There are companies and intermediaries that are specialized in the refinancing of these operations through a bank.

That is, these financial intermediaries do what they do is negotiate directly with the creditor entities that have signed the loans trying to readjust the loans to the situation of their clients.

This would be in my opinion the ideal option although also the most problematic to hire.

Why the choice of financial intermediaries in the refinancing of loans can be problematic?

It can be for several reasons but the main one is because these intermediaries do not work for free.

You will not see any of these try to renegotiate debts with your creditors without having charged for it.

These people do not work on such a clear commission, so it is a problematic option for many people.

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We are clear, if you do not want to have to pay one of these intermediaries do not hire them period.

What you can not hope for is that these people work for you for free because they do not have to do it no matter how good your operation is.

As an alternative, you can try to contract with refinancing companies, although most of them require working with endorsements.

You can also do some management to renegotiate with your creditors but it is not usual.

The private capital option we have to say we usually recommend it especially when what we are looking for is the refinancing of unpaid loans .

If you have debts or unpaid loans, trying to refinance a debt with your own entity is almost impossible.

There may still be some kind of margin through the private finance companies, not in the loans offered by the bank.

Do you usually specialize in this management?

Yes, it is one of the usual characteristics of the companies that offer this service, which is why they do not usually offer similar services or management.

Most more than offering different loans are focused on refinancing because they know the competition is lower.

A company that is good at refinancing operations knows that it will always have a demand as it is a demanded service between people and companies.

They are mostly companies in fact who can most request these services, although there is everything.

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