How to request another loan online

Requesting loans online is an increasingly common activity, both among individuals and SMEs . If you are reading this post, you are sure to be aware of the services we offer at ZapCredit . Therefore, today we want to inform you about how to request a loan online with us .

To request a second credit online there are two options, you can extend the current credit (in the case of still have limit available) or pay the first and request a new one.

How to extend your personal loan?

If you already have a loan with ZapCredit and you have an urgent need for liquid money , you can request an extension of the loan already requested . For this, it is necessary to have paid at least one fee of the current loan.

You can request an extension of your personal loan only until you reach the established credit limit . So, if what you want to expand is your first loan with ZapCredit, you will have up to € 800 maximum . If, on the other hand, you have already requested more credits with us, this amount increases to 2,500 euros . Therefore, 800 or 2,500 euros will be the top of the current credit sum plus the extension.

How to request a second loan online at ZapCredit?

Another option to apply for a second loan at ZapCredit is to rescind your current online loan and request another one. This way you will not only make sure of N, but you will also enjoy the advantages we offer in ZapCredit to our customers. For example, you can request a larger amount than at the first time.

As you can see, you can not overlap two credits in ZapCredit, however, you can extend an existing one or pay the first one and you can have access to a new loan with the advantage that you can increase the amount borrowed. The choice will depend on your economic and personal situation , although we always recommend that you finish the current one and ask for another one later.

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