Requirements to extend a loan

Have you applied for a loan with ZaratCredit and need to extend your credit? If this is the case and you need to extend a credit in ZaratCredit, we make it easy for you , you do not have anything else to do the following steps:

  1. Minimum extension of € 100: When you are requesting an increase in the amount of your loan, you must have a minimum of 100 euros of credit available.
  2. Having paid a fee : In order to request an extension of your loan, you must have paid at least one fee . In addition, the expiration date of said fee must have expired, in case you have paid in advance.

How much money can we request when expanding a loan in ZaratCredit?

Once you meet the two previous requirements to extend a loan in ZaratCredit, the important thing is to know if it is the first loan with ZaratCredit or not , since it will depend on whether you can apply for a larger or smaller amount.

In this sense, if it is your first loan with ZaratCredit, the maximum credit you have available is € 800. Therefore, the extension of your loan can be made up to that limit. If, for example, you applied for a loan of € 500, you can increase your loan by another 300.

If on the other hand, if you have already applied for loans with ZaratCredit and you want to increase the current one, the limit increases to € 2,500 . Therefore, assuming that your limit is 2,500 and you have applied for a loan of 1,500, you can increase it by 1,000 more.

Regarding the credit extension we remind you that there are 2 options:

  • Increase the number of installments your loan had
  • Increase the amount of money of each installment of the credit

As you can see, extending your credit with ZaratCredit is very easy. If you meet the requirements that we propose, you can increase your loan in a very simple and fast way.

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