What do I do if I am reported and need a loan?

In Colombia the difficulties to access money are many, and banks do not make it easier, especially if you have in your head ‘I am reported’

Being reported to a credit bureau like CIFIN or Datacrédito implies being restricted from being able to access a wide variety of financial services, as there is a record that identifies the person as debtor and with this, many doors are closed.

What can I do if I am reported and need a loan?

There are a couple of options that can be used: payday loans or pledge credits.

Payroll credits are those credits in which the person who is owing authorizes his employer to make a deduction from the base of his salary to pay the entity to which he is owed, with the purpose of leaving little by little. Of the debt.

Pledged loans on the other hand, is one that allows access to money in exchange for giving a guarantee (pledge) represented in a property.

Either can help to get out of the credit bureaus, as long as the payments of both are met responsibly.

It is essential that before asking for a new loan, think ‘I am reported’ , and be aware that this is a help precisely to stop being. After that, investigate new alternatives that do not suppose you to be ‘with the noose around your neck’ in this way, avoid falling back into appearing at risk centers.

One way to do it, for example, is by accessing smaller credits that are better suited to your needs with companies that facilitate payments. Be informed and make sure that whenever you ask for a loan, it is because you really need it.

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