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Do you need a cash loan? Are you looking for a way to borrow easily, safely, conveniently and quickly? Get acquainted – fast credit or online credit! Quick credit is a relatively small cash loan that is available on the Internet and is issued on a short-term basis.

The fact that fast credit is available on the internet not only saves time, but also makes it easily accessible. All you need to apply for a loan – a computer with internet connection, an active mobile phone number and a bank account in one of the Latvian banks ! Things that have now become a matter of course in our daily lives.

Fast credit can be the right choice for different life situations

Fast credit can be the right choice for different life situations

The most popular way among Latvian residents is to borrow before the salary period when the bank account and wallet are empty. Often while waiting for a cave day, a strict austerity regime must be followed. But what if there is an urgent need for money during these austerity days? For example, do you have to pay a bill or have the financial means to buy an important good or service? Payday cannot be hastened and must be borrowed.

Nowadays, the borrowing process has become simple and accessible to Latvian residents who are at least 18 years old . Quick credit is issued to individuals based on their credit history and ability to pay. Importantly, there is no need for a formal job because, for example, people of retirement age have a regular income even though they are out of work.

Quick credit is a relatively small amount of money – the first time you borrow an average of 150 – 200 lats. If you choose to borrow again – you will have more money available, up to 300-400 lats on average. More importantly, the loan is available without any formalities, meaning no pledge and no guarantee !

You can borrow a quick loan for a couple of days, weeks or months

You can borrow a quick loan for a couple of days, weeks or months

Determine the moment when you repay the loan yourself. You are given the opportunity to defer the loan repayment term by making an extension payment. Repay your loan when you know your financial situation is safe and sound. Remember, you can only borrow if you know that you will be able to repay the loan in the near future. Borrow responsibly!

The number of credit companies that offer quick loans is high. This means that people have the opportunity to choose which company to turn to for a loan. In order to find a suitable credit company you need to familiarize yourself with the wide range of offers as well as explore your options. Not all credit companies have the same requirements – for example, there are companies that lend at the age of 18, but other companies require that the person applying for the loan is at least 19 or 20 years old.

You can apply for a fast loan at any time – any time of the day!


The company will credit the quick credit to your bank account during business hours. Credit companies work without holidays, which means you can rely on them throughout the year.


Choose the most suitable loan company that suits your needs and capabilities. Check out the credit comparison chart – you’ll find the most popular credit companies in one place. Get acquainted with the offer and borrow wisely!

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