8 Things You Could Break Your Budget

At Prêts Québec, we like budgets and believe they are essential to financial success. With the power to free you from debt and achieve your financial goals, we can never recommend enough to everyone to make a personalized budget and respect it every month (as much as possible).

But, do you know what we like too? Live to the maximum and be “in the present moment” as much as possible. Saving is important and necessary, but you also need to enjoy life and all the experiences that it has to offer. You can not just watch life go by because you have to save money. This is unrealistic and ridiculous. Sometimes (we say “sometimes”), it’s worth breaking your budget and letting go. Just remember, if you want to go every day or even once a week, you should review your priorities. Breaking your budget is acceptable once in a while, as long as you have enough willpower to return to your usual spending routine right after. Plus, the reason you break your budget is important too. If you get out of your budget, it would be better if it were for something that will add value to your life and benefit you in the future. Experiences that will provide lifetime memories or quality items that will improve your day-to-day life. Life is too short not to take advantage of the opportunities it has to offer you.

Here are 8 things that we think are worth breaking your budget from time to time.


Everyone needs a little break from reality sometimes. No matter where you work, where you live, and what happens in your life, everyone needs a little time to relax and feel good about their mental health. 40h weeks are long, stressful and tiring, and there is no reason why you do not deserve to take a vacation. This will promote your mental health as well as your emotional and physical state. The holidays give you time to rest, refuel with vitamin D, get some exercise and get rid of all the negative stress at home. If you are thinking of taking a vacation and have been saving for a long time, do not be afraid to go there. You will feel only positive.

A live show

Whether it’s your favorite artist, your favorite band or your city’s sports team that won the final, spending money to see a live performance is often a unique experience. These types of events, although they often cost a lot of money, create memories that you will always keep.

A quality clothing item

When we are beautiful, we feel so good. That being said, it can be more expensive to buy high quality items that fit your body in a certain way. For example, Lululemon leggings cost around $ 100, which is extremely expensive for a pair of black leggings. However, they are not your simple pair of leggings; Lululemon uses premium materials that embrace your body and show your curves. In my opinion, they are worth every penny spent because no other pair of leggings will make you look as good, which will make you feel good about yourself. Similarly, if you work in a large law firm, investing in a suit is definitely worth breaking your budget. You will wear it every day and get what you pay for. You will look good, and most importantly, you will be well in your skin.

Spend quality time with the people you love

You should definitely consider breaking your budget to spend quality time with your loved ones and share unforgettable moments with them. For example, if your friends come from outside the city, there is no point in putting good memories aside for money. If your group of friends goes out for supper, drink wine or even go see a movie, you should be able to join them and enjoy the experience. Why stay home and save while your friends are having fun? Just keep it very easy to go out and find excuses for spending too much money too often. Going to the bar with the same people you see each week is not a reason to break your budget.

Essential technology

If you are a student using the computers provided by the school, it can be frustrating to always have to work in one place. Sometimes schools even have limits and computers can not be used for certain hours. If this is your case, investing in a laptop could greatly improve your school life. We believe that a laptop can be considered as an essential element depending on your lifestyle. If you’re trying to keep up with a strict budget and a laptop, tablet, cell phone and smart watch are not essential for you, then make sure you consider the type of life you’re living before break your budget for technology.

Fitness activities

If you have always wanted to play sports or go to the gym, you find that it is a good idea to spend for it. Even if it forces you out of your monthly budget, training will improve your health, your happiness and your state of mind. It’s not only good for your body and your heart, but also for your emotional and mental health. There is evidence that exercise reduces stress and improves performance. This is money well spent because you get what you pay for.

In addition, your health should always be a priority, but there are many ways to train. If you feel like you’re over budgeting for too many reasons, you can forget this suggestion.


If your home is a bit old-fashioned and in need of renovations, you might consider breaking your budget. There is no doubt that the cost of renovations can be high initially, but it will be worth it in the long run. Renovations will increase the value of your home and you can sell it at a higher price. As well, renovations can improve your lifestyle while you live in your home.

For example, if you cut down the wall of your kitchen, you will have more room to do what you like in it, whether it’s organizing more dinners or cooking. So, even though it may seem a little awkward and expensive, it will automatically improve the value of your home and your quality of life.


Spending money on your education is never a waste of money. Investing in your future and your intelligence is something that will pay you back. If you have always wanted to go back to school to do a master’s program, no matter what your age, you should consider doing so.

Learn to expand your horizons and priceless. The things you decide to invest in depends on what you prioritize in life. It must improve your quality of life. Be aware that when making the decision to break your budget, you must be prepared to spend the rest of the month carefully. It’s okay to review your budget from time to time, but that should not become a habit.