Can you invest money without risk

In spite of the crisis you have managed to save some money and you want to invest it but you do not dare because you fear losing it if you do not invest it well? It is normal, it has cost you a lot to save it and you need a guarantee to invest your money with the minimum possible risk.

The first thing to keep in mind is that both 2014 and the previous years have not been a good year for investments and deposits. Despite this, the market continues to offer a series of opportunities to invest without risk , or minimizing it to the maximum.

Keys to invest money without risk

  • Pay off the debts that you have with the banks and that have high interests . If you have a mortgage or a personal loan requested, this may be your best investment since you will soon lower the interest that the loan is generating and when you have it settled it will be the moment when you can think of other investment alternatives.
  • Opt for paid accounts. It is a type of bank account that offers a certain profitability according to the balance that is in it. It offers total availability of the money that is in it. When hiring, you must be aware of the interest they offer and from when you start counting (if the first euro or require a minimum balance). It is also necessary to know if they charge commissions (service, transfer, cards, etc.) as this could reduce the profitability of the investment.
  • Betting on fixed-term deposits . They do not offer many benefits because the interests are very low, but there are still some that are 2% APR. Keep in mind that when choosing a fixed deposit you have to see how long we want to have the money invested and especially if there will be a penalty if you need to cancel early. The ideal is to choose a deposit that you can have your money invested at any time and without being penalized for it.
  • Choose a savings insurance. It is a very fashionable product that has a profitability of more than 2% in most cases. In addition, if the money contributed is for a long time, they usually incorporate bonuses that can reach up to 8% of the money contributed. It is a type of investment with little complexity and also, in almost all savings insurance, you can rescue the capital invested when needed.
  • Test structured deposits with guaranteed capital . It consists of a type of deposit that is referenced to stock or stock indexes. The profitability is quite high but its main risk is that they depend on the underlying assets to evolve favorably.

These are some of the investments that are considered “safer” and less complex nowadays in the world of investment. However, there are always other alternatives that can lead to more or less risk but which are undoubtedly much more complex to manage such as: buying bonds, debts, stocks, currencies, etc.

How do you invest your savings? Do you consider that the alternatives offered in the post are a good investment option? And above all, do you think they involve investing without risk or with minimal risk? Tell us about your experience … We are waiting for you!