Does Zaplo allow you to borrow fast with Asnef


There are many people who, due to some delay or non-payment in their credit history , include their data in lists of defaulters such as ASNEF . In these cases, doubts arise about whether we can obtain quick loans with ASNEF, that is, being registered in its database as delinquent .

Being included in lists of defaulters, usually influences in a negative way when going to request a loan from a bank or credit institution . What happens in the case of Zaplo? Can you apply for quick loans with ASNEF ?

Requirements to apply for a quick loan in Zaplo

In Zaplo we establish as mandatory requirements to request a loan with us the following:

  • Be a resident in Spain
  • Have an age between 25 and 70 years
  • Have an account number in a bank
  • Have a mobile phone line and an email account
  • Present a valid and current ID, NIE or passport
  • Demonstrate sufficient economic capacity to return the requested amount within the required timeframe

As you can see the financial solvency is crucial at the time of applying for a loan in Zaplo and be registered in ASNEF or any other list of defaulters does not help the financial solvency and real economic capacity that the applicant has to return the amount requested.

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The importance of responsibility

There are situations and times when we need to have liquidity to make a reform at home or face an unexpected expense. For this there are fast personal loans, but we must bear in mind that this type of financing is much more lax in terms of documentation than traditional banks but not in terms of defaults or delinquency , hence, that if you are in ASNEF or in another file of defaulters it is not possible to request a loan in Zaplo.

Therefore, from Zaplo we ask our clients responsibility so that before requesting a personal credit they are sure that they will be able to return it without problems .


Investment funds: what they are, how their taxation is managed


Investment funds are an instrument to save or capitalize the capital already saved that brings together several people who delegate their money in a team of professionals (managers) with knowledge of the various markets: stocks, fixed income, monetary assets, derivatives.

The taxation of investment funds

Investment funds, in Spain, basically traded by banks, are subject to the payment of taxes like any other savings instrument. At times when the profitability of public debt or bank deposits is very close to zero, it is time to know how much we are going to pay if we hire an investment fund.

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Keep in mind that you only have to pay taxes when you sell the investment fund . That is, the holder of a fund that retains this during, for example, 20 years, will have no obligation to the Tax Agency until the sale occurs. This is your main advantage.

Despite this premise, it must be borne in mind that the sale of the fund does not always have to be paid . In fact, you only have to pay taxes if you have obtained benefits . These benefits are called: capital gains , in the jargon of the financial sector.

What are the capital gains?

In this sense, the capital gains are calculated by subtracting the value of the refund (the money that we enter) the subscription value, the money that we invest when buying or investing in the fund. If we have had capital gains, we will pay. If, on the other hand, we suffer handicaps (we invest 100 and we have only recovered 90, for example), we have the consolation that the state will not take even one euro more.

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If we have purchased shares of a specific fund, but on different dates, the FIFO criterion will be applied (from English, First in, first out: First in, first out). That is, the first shares sold are those that were acquired first, regardless of the purchase price of the various acquisitions.

It must be borne in mind that all the fees charged for managing it (subscription, reimbursement, management, custody …) count as a deductible expense and must be subtracted from the capital invested.

How many taxes are paid according to the capital gains of investment funds?

The taxation of this financial instrument has undergone several changes in recent years. The reform in force, in force since January 2015, marks that the capital gains in investment funds are added to the tax base of savings . These are the sections and marginal rates established by the State for 2016 and, unless further modified, the following exercises:

  • Whoever wins up to a maximum of 6,000 euros , will pay 19% of their benefits . Example: if you have won (subtracting the subscription value from the refund value) 5,000 euros will pay 950.
  • Whoever wins from 6,000 euros to 50,000 euros , will pay 21% of their profits.
  • Whoever earns more than 50,000 euros , will pay 23% of their benefits .
  • Current legislation lowers goodwill compared to the previous one and ends with the difference between short-term (less than one year) and long-term capital gains .

Do you think that having investment funds will tax you or can it generate a tax advantage? Tell us your impression!

Requirements to extend a loan

Have you applied for a loan with Zaplo and need to extend your credit? If this is the case and you need to extend a credit in Zaplo, we make it easy for you , you do not have anything else to do the following steps:

  1. Minimum extension of € 100: When you are requesting an increase in the amount of your loan, you must have a minimum of 100 euros of credit available.
  2. Having paid a fee : In order to request an extension of your loan, you must have paid at least one fee . In addition, the expiration date of said fee must have expired, in case you have paid in advance.

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How much money can we request when expanding a loan in Zaplo?

Once you meet the two previous requirements to extend a loan in Zaplo, the important thing is to know if it is the first loan with Zaplo or not , since it will depend on whether you can apply for a larger or smaller amount.

In this sense, if it is your first loan with Zaplo, the maximum credit you have available is € 800. Therefore, the extension of your loan can be made up to that limit. If, for example, you applied for a loan of € 500, you can increase your loan by another 300.

If on the other hand, if you have already applied for loans with Zaplo and you want to increase the current one, the limit increases to € 2,500 . Therefore, assuming that your limit is 2,500 and you have applied for a loan of 1,500, you can increase it by 1,000 more.

Regarding the credit extension we remind you that there are 2 options:

  • Increase the number of installments your loan had
  • Increase the amount of money of each installment of the credit

As you can see, extending your credit with Zaplo is very easy. If you meet the requirements that we propose, you can increase your loan in a very simple and fast way.

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Refinance microprestamos Finance micro-loans



The refinancing of micro loans is something that can occur with some frequency in financing. I say that it can occur frequently for the simple reason that it is what finally happens in many cases.

Why is it necessary to refinance the micro loans so many times?

It’s because of the type of loan that customers are signing here.

Do not make mistakes or misunderstand me, in we are the first to defend the use of microloans responsibly.

The problem is that of those people who only process this financing because it is easy to obtain it, and not having the return of the operation clear.

You have to be clear about several things, the main one is the fact that micro loans are one of the quick loans with the highest rate of defaults.

It is due first to the short term to make the return and above all due to the ease with which they are obtained.

Being fast money credits are many people who process them even if they have no intention of returning because they do not want / can.

The advantage of minicréditos therefore also becomes its defect in case the operation ends badly.

If the operation goes well all are advantages, not on the contrary when it ends unpaid.

For this reason, it is usual to see how customers want to refinance loans through the entity.

Refinancing micro loans, how is it done?

It is not really complicated because the online financial companies that offer them knowing in advance the probability of this happening enable this option by default.

These financiers call it “extension of term” and it basically consists of extending the term of the credits so that those who see will not be able to return it within the period indicated have a second chance.

The problem with this “refinancing of loans” is that the term given to the clients is not much higher either.

The usual thing is to give a maximum of 15 days so that the client can update their credit by canceling it when the time comes.

That’s why talking about a refinance of microcredits is not 100% real either, since here we only get a small term increase.

In any case, it is as close as we can get to refinancing since, as a general rule, it is not easy to refinance debts with online financial companies.

It is not among many reasons because companies know that being small debts even if they end unpaid in the end will be charged.

It is one thing to have unpaid debts for high amounts and another to have it for small amounts.

And we all know or should know that the amounts in micro loans do not usually exceed € 1000 in the form of credit.

Something that we will discover as we learn about how the financial sector works since the higher the amounts the easier it is to refinance.

The loans of small amount are the most complicated, on the other hand those of medium and high are much simpler.


How to request another loan online

Requesting loans online is an increasingly common activity, both among individuals and SMEs . If you are reading this post, you are sure to be aware of the services we offer at Zaplo . Therefore, today we want to inform you about how to request a loan online with us .

To request a second credit online there are two options, you can extend the current credit (in the case of still have limit available) or pay the first and request a new one.

How to extend your personal loan?

If you already have a loan with Zaplo and you have an urgent need for liquid money , you can request an extension of the loan already requested . For this, it is necessary to have paid at least one fee of the current loan.

You can request an extension of your personal loan only until you reach the established credit limit . So, if what you want to expand is your first loan with Zaplo, you will have up to € 800 maximum . If, on the other hand, you have already requested more credits with us, this amount increases to 2,500 euros . Therefore, 800 or 2,500 euros will be the top of the current credit sum plus the extension.

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How to request a second loan online at Zaplo?

Another option to apply for a second loan at Zaplo is to rescind your current online loan and request another one. This way you will not only make sure of N, but you will also enjoy the advantages we offer in Zaplo to our customers. For example, you can request a larger amount than at the first time.

As you can see, you can not overlap two credits in Zaplo , however, you can extend an existing one or pay the first one and you can have access to a new loan with the advantage that you can increase the amount borrowed. The choice will depend on your economic and personal situation , although we always recommend that you finish the current one and ask for another one later.

Refinancing debts, what is it? Debt financing

Do you know what debt refinancing is ? Do not worry if you do not know it since let’s explain what all this consists of.

The refinancing of debts or refinancing of loans consists of canceling the loans or debts that we have over replacing them with a new debt either in the form of loans or under any other formula.

The usual thing in that sense is that the refinancing of debts is carried through loans that we use to cancel the previous loans or debts that we could have for others more flexible.

When is a debt refinancing done?

By power you can do it whenever you want, although from experience it is usual to do it when we need to cancel unpaid debts or when we want to take an expensive loan for a cheaper one.

That is why it is said that the refinancing of debts is often confused with the grouping of loans even though they are really different loans.

Refinancing is something that in fact can be done with the same creditor entity with which we have signed the debt.

That is, if you have a debt such as a personal loan with a bank and you want to change the conditions of such financing, you can request the refinancing of the debt with that entity to see if they accept it.

Because refinancing basically means changing the conditions of a debt or a loan with different ones.

It is evident that if the same loan conditions were maintained, carrying out a refinancing would be 100% meaningless.

The refinancing has to start from a logic because otherwise it is better not to do anything.

We must bear in mind that this type of management many times what they cause is an increase in indebtedness because when signing a new financing customers return to pay commissions, expenses for signing the loan.

Hence, it is said that the refinancing of loans as well as other loans as the grouping should only be carried out in situations where you know very well what you want.

Refinancing unpaid debts?

It is also an option although, as is logical, it is also more difficult to achieve.

At the level of processing for the financial it is not the same to have to refinance debts when they are unpaid than when they are up to date.

Right now financiers who are willing to refinance debts without collateral are few, and both those with collateral and those without collateral will always do the management through private capital.

The traditional banking and financial entities have to be completely discarded because they are not a type of financier accustomed to carrying out these financial procedures.

The ideal from a financial point of view is that the refinancing comes from an intention to change creditor entity and not for a default.

There are people who may want to simply change creditor because they feel that they are not interested in continuing with them.

And it is advisable that if you do this you always do it when the debt is up to date and not when it is unpaid.

Can you invest money without risk

In spite of the crisis you have managed to save some money and you want to invest it but you do not dare because you fear losing it if you do not invest it well? It is normal, it has cost you a lot to save it and you need a guarantee to invest your money with the minimum possible risk.

The first thing to keep in mind is that both 2014 and the previous years have not been a good year for investments and deposits. Despite this, the market continues to offer a series of opportunities to invest without risk , or minimizing it to the maximum.

Keys to invest money without risk

  • Pay off the debts that you have with the banks and that have high interests . If you have a mortgage or a personal loan requested, this may be your best investment since you will soon lower the interest that the loan is generating and when you have it settled it will be the moment when you can think of other investment alternatives.
  • Opt for paid accounts. It is a type of bank account that offers a certain profitability according to the balance that is in it. It offers total availability of the money that is in it. When hiring, you must be aware of the interest they offer and from when you start counting (if the first euro or require a minimum balance). It is also necessary to know if they charge commissions (service, transfer, cards, etc.) as this could reduce the profitability of the investment.
  • Betting on fixed-term deposits . They do not offer many benefits because the interests are very low, but there are still some that are 2% APR. Keep in mind that when choosing a fixed deposit you have to see how long we want to have the money invested and especially if there will be a penalty if you need to cancel early. The ideal is to choose a deposit that you can have your money invested at any time and without being penalized for it.
  • Choose a savings insurance. It is a very fashionable product that has a profitability of more than 2% in most cases. In addition, if the money contributed is for a long time, they usually incorporate bonuses that can reach up to 8% of the money contributed. It is a type of investment with little complexity and also, in almost all savings insurance, you can rescue the capital invested when needed.
  • Test structured deposits with guaranteed capital . It consists of a type of deposit that is referenced to stock or stock indexes. The profitability is quite high but its main risk is that they depend on the underlying assets to evolve favorably.

These are some of the investments that are considered “safer” and less complex nowadays in the world of investment. However, there are always other alternatives that can lead to more or less risk but which are undoubtedly much more complex to manage such as: buying bonds, debts, stocks, currencies, etc.

How do you invest your savings? Do you consider that the alternatives offered in the post are a good investment option? And above all, do you think they involve investing without risk or with minimal risk? Tell us about your experience … We are waiting for you!

What companies offer refinancing of loans?

Could you tell me what companies are offering the refinancing of loans in Spain?

Because it is something that many are not aware of also because of the type of service this is.

It must be said that refinancing is a type of loan that is often confused with other more usual credits such as the grouping of loans .

And although they have some similarities, especially in the way they are processed, reality is that there are many differences between them.

It could be said that the refinancing of loans is in the hands of private equity companies as well as financial intermediaries.

It all depends on how you want to take the operation because the usual is that these operations can be carried by private equity or through a bank.

There are companies and intermediaries that are specialized in the refinancing of these operations through a bank.

That is, these financial intermediaries do what they do is negotiate directly with the creditor entities that have signed the loans trying to readjust the loans to the situation of their clients.

This would be in my opinion the ideal option although also the most problematic to hire.

Why the choice of financial intermediaries in the refinancing of loans can be problematic?

It can be for several reasons but the main one is because these intermediaries do not work for free.

You will not see any of these try to renegotiate debts with your creditors without having charged for it.

These people do not work on such a clear commission, so it is a problematic option for many people.

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In we are clear, if you do not want to have to pay one of these intermediaries do not hire them period.

What you can not hope for is that these people work for you for free because they do not have to do it no matter how good your operation is.

As an alternative, you can try to contract with refinancing companies, although most of them require working with endorsements.

You can also do some management to renegotiate with your creditors but it is not usual.

The private capital option we have to say we usually recommend it especially when what we are looking for is the refinancing of unpaid loans .

If you have debts or unpaid loans, trying to refinance a debt with your own entity is almost impossible.

There may still be some kind of margin through the private finance companies, not in the loans offered by the bank.

Do you usually specialize in this management?

Yes, it is one of the usual characteristics of the companies that offer this service, which is why they do not usually offer similar services or management.

Most more than offering different loans are focused on refinancing because they know the competition is lower.

A company that is good at refinancing operations knows that it will always have a demand as it is a demanded service between people and companies.

They are mostly companies in fact who can most request these services, although there is everything.

Refinancing of loans and debt grouping