Does ZaCredit allow you to borrow fast with Asnef


There are many people who, due to some delay or non-payment in their credit history , include their data in lists of defaulters such as ASNEF . In these cases, doubts arise about whether we can obtain quick loans with ASNEF, that is, being registered in its database as delinquent .

Being included in lists of defaulters, usually influences in a negative way when going to request a loan from a bank or credit institution . What happens in the case of ZaCredit? Can you apply for quick loans with ASNEF ?

Requirements to apply for a quick loan in ZaCredit

In ZaCredit we establish as mandatory requirements to request a loan with us the following:

  • Be a resident in Spain
  • Have an age between 25 and 70 years
  • Have an account number in a bank
  • Have a mobile phone line and an email account
  • Present a valid and current ID, NIE or passport
  • Demonstrate sufficient economic capacity to return the requested amount within the required timeframe

As you can see the financial solvency is crucial at the time of applying for a loan in ZaCredit and be registered in ASNEF or any other list of defaulters does not help the financial solvency and real economic capacity that the applicant has to return the amount requested.

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The importance of responsibility

There are situations and times when we need to have liquidity to make a reform at home or face an unexpected expense. For this there are fast personal loans, but we must bear in mind that this type of financing is much more lax in terms of documentation than traditional banks but not in terms of defaults or delinquency , hence, that if you are in ASNEF or in another file of defaulters it is not possible to request a loan in ZaCredit.

Therefore, from ZaCredit we ask our clients responsibility so that before requesting a personal credit they are sure that they will be able to return it without problems .