Having a small house has advantages, do not you think?


Most people imagine a huge house when they think of the house of their dreams : two floors, garden, swimming pool, garage, numerous rooms, several bathrooms The problem is that the selling price of these houses is high. In addition, maintenance costs, electricity consumption , decoration are also higher … Not to mention that the cleaning tasks never end. Faced with these large and expensive homes, a smaller house can be much more welcoming and economical . Here we show you some of the main advantages of having a small house.

Reasons to live in a small house

  1. It is more affordable.

The main advantage of a small house is its purchase price . By having less less construction, the purchase price is more affordable and is available to more people .

Also the expenses related to the purchase (in case you ask for a mortgage) and the associated taxes will be lower, so the necessary saving effort will not be excessive . Remember that most banks only finance 80% of the appraised value, so the rest will have to be paid by you.

  1. It’s cheaper to maintain.

The one who has a house in the property will give us the reason with this point. The maintenance of a home is quite expensive, as well as the payment of their corresponding annual taxes (such as the dear IBI ).

The larger the house, the higher the electricity consumption, the higher the cost of heating, the higher the cost of renovation … The cost of painting the walls (something that is done every few years), replacing the doors if they are old or renovating the floor doubles and triples in large houses.

Special mention to the topic of cleaning. Because let’s not fooled ourselves: cleaning the house is a nuisance. An added advantage of houses with little space is that there is also less space to accumulate dirt, so cleaning is faster and less expensive. Not to say that you can order the house in a seen and not seen.

  1. Needs less furniture.

We all like that our house is “cuqui”. The problem is that “cuqui” is expensive or very expensive. Therefore, it will be much easier and cheaper to furnish and decorate a small house. The rule is simple: at least square meters, less furniture .

If you also opt for a minimalist or Nordic decoration, you will achieve an appearance of spaciousness and avoid feeling overwhelmed by being surrounded by many things. We recommend that you let space breathe and not overload the rooms.

  1. You will make more life outdoors.

People who live in small houses tend to make more life out of it. In the absence of gardens, swimming pools or large green areas, if you have nothing to do at home and want to avoid feeling overwhelmed, you can enjoy a walk, play sports or go out into the country.

Oddly enough, your social life could be enriched by living in a small house. Maybe even more leagues!

Do you need more reasons to choose a small house? If your apartment is small, think big and enjoy its advantages.