How to overcome the September slope and start a thrifty autumn

The end of summer is approaching and the return to school is already behind the corner. Have you overstepped spending money this holiday? The dreaded September cost is about to arrive and it is possible that your personal finances will tremble just thinking about it. Luckily, we can help you.

Today we will review in our blog some guidelines to successfully overcome the September slope and start a thrifty autumn.

Five tips to survive the September cost

  1. The budget for what I love you.

We can not solve a problem if we do not know it in depth. We will start from a budget of income and expenses that allows us to assess what is the initial situation of our domestic economy and how we can optimize it.

The budget is the only tool we have available to know what will be the outflows of money that we will face in the coming weeks.

  1. Goodbye ant expenses.

We’ve talked a lot on the blog about how dangerous ant expenses are. We do not give importance to them because they seem insignificant but if we add them all we would find ourselves with a lot of money that month to month we throw to the garbage.

The beer at the bar after work, the machine cafes in the office and the restaurant’s daily menu will only make the September slope steeper. Limit them. Try to take the coffee from home in a thermos, avoid beer and join the fashion of eating in Tupperware .

  1. Beware of online purchases.

Almost certainly, our expenses will be lower if we make purchases online. Most of the products used in any home are on Amazon at a lower price than most physical stores offer. You have to take advantage of this situation and save by buying online.

However, we also have to be careful and avoid unnecessary purchases that we would not make in a conventional store. The fact that anything is only two mouse clicks from us can make us a compulsive digital shopper.

  1. Take advantage of the sales.

If you have to renew the wardrobe, do it when the sales come . Prepare a list of the clothes you need and go buy them when the sales season starts.

The secret to saving on rebates is simple: do not buy anything that does not appear on the list, however tempting the 80% discount may be. The problem is that most people go through and end up buying some shoes, a tie or a dress they did not plan to buy. Do not fall in the trap.

  1. Use the car less.

We are not aware of the pile of money we spend after a year in the car. Our advice is that, whenever possible, you go to public transport, cheaper and much less polluting. And if we go a little further, why not go to work by bike? You will be clear in the office and with much clearer ideas.

In theory, putting these simple tips into practice you should be able to reduce your expenses a minimum of 200 euros per month. If you also check the contracted rates of electricity, telephone or internet, you control your debts and hilas very fine with the expenses of the return to school, the slope of September will become a slide.