What you should know about loans for workers of the Ministry of Health

We are in December and the Christmas presents, the exchanges, the New Year’s Eve dinner, the next Kings Day celebration among all the important dates that we like to celebrate for Mexican culture require economic investments, some stronger than others but always the financial resource becomes necessary.

For this, the loans for workers of the Ministry of Health are your best option. Do you already know your rights as a state worker ? es One of the benefits that corresponds to you right is the bonus, however, for these dates it may be that you have already spent it or if you still do not get to that, maybe you already have it distributed in your mind and at the moment whoever receives it will start to use it to buy things, pay debts or simply to spend it, which is a fact is that in a few days you will not see even a peso of your bonus.

Faced with this situation, applying for a loan can be a good option. Which loan suits you? If you are a government worker surely in the first thing you think to hear “loans for workers of the Ministry of Health ” are those credits that grant you to acquire a new home or to remodel where you currently reside. You could also think about the savings funds that are carried out within these organizations, however, there is a much more interesting and functional type of loan.

What is the type of credit that responds to the needs of the workers of the Ministry of Health? Those that we grant to government workers through the agreements we have with the different government institutions. Some of the benefits that you have when applying for one of these credits are:

  • Discounts via direct debit or via payroll, you can choose the one you prefer and the one that best suits your needs. Remember that domiciliar your payments can get you out of many troubles and avoid forgetfulness derived in delays.
  • Short credit deadlines and ideal to meet more than one goal, so soon you can finish paying a loan and you can start enjoying another to re-invest and continue to grow your wealth.

· The interest rate is fixed and the periodicity of payment you can choose it, in this way the credit can be adapted to you and your needs, in addition, you will not end up paying double or more of the amount requested at the beginning.

In addition, the requirements to obtain one of the loans for workers of the Ministry of Health are minimal! The first one you already have: being a government worker. If you meet this requirement, then you only need:

  • Be over 18 and have less than 70
  • Have a minimum working age of one year within a government agency
  • Prepare the credit application
  • Have the following documents:
  • Current official identification
  • Proof of current address
  • Proof of income
  • Account status

If you meet all these requirements and also need extra money so that the holidays do not end in January and the dreams of the family can continue to grow and be fulfilled throughout the year, then contact us to start the application immediately.

Credits for government employees help you realize many of your New Year’s resolutions:

· Improve the house: Maybe you just need to make small adjustments or changes such as some broken glass but maybe in the modifications and arrangements you should do other things such as waterproofing, painting, repairing a wall or changing furniture. If this is one of the purposes that you have been leaving “for later” for years, this time you can achieve it.

· Download “a few extra kilos”: Yes, it is true that for this type of purpose you can also use a part of your credit. While it is necessary to have willpower and carry out a series of actions that influence your diet, investing in your health and your physical well-being is also important. For example, you can buy a bicycle that motivates you to go out to shoot in the park or, pay for some months of an activity that you would like to do, such as yoga or a martial art.

· Change the family car: Have you repaired the car too many times? Maybe the mileage and the conditions of the car are no longer optimal for a long trip and take a good vacation with the family, reasons why you need to make an urgent change but still waiting for the opportunity to come. Better make the opportunity happen and take advantage of the loan you have available to give the hook of your new car.

· “This year I am going to write my house”: Stop worrying about these legal issues and better invest your credit to write your house or the land that you have managed to buy with so much effort. Remember that your estate is at risk if you have not done this process yet, for this reason it is better to hurry and dedicate a part of your loan for this purpose. 2018 is a good opportunity to feel safe and protect your family.

What are some other of your purposes? Through loans for federal government employees and all the advantages you have to be one of them you can make them real. Just come to us and tell us which is the government unit where you work and we will begin to make the request.

If for lack of money you have lost opportunities, maybe you still have time to recover them since the loans we give you give you the possibility of having the money in 48 hours. We have financial products specially designed for you and your family’s happiness, through direct debit or payroll, make your payments and rest assured that your money will be 100% in your hands.

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